Aston Martin stunned the world with the reveal of its all-new DB11 during last week’s 2016 Geneva Motor Show, though so far we’ve only been able to see the car motionless.

That’s no longer the case as Aston Martin has released a video showing the DB11 carving up some great driving roads. We also get a brief taste of the engine note of the British automaker’s new twin-turbocharged 5.2-liter V-12.

In person, the DB11 has tremendous presence. It’s beautifully proportioned with a long hood that seems to go on forever, some very inviting wide hips, and wheels that are pushed out to the corners.

Compared to the exterior, the interior appears rather conservative at first but it grows on you as take in all the fine details. It’s clear the focus of the DB11’s cabin is a simplicity that allows the driver to focus on the road ahead rather than the ability to access silly apps.

The DB11 arrives here in the fall, as a 2017 model. It’s priced from $211,995 and you can already go ahead and build your ideal version via an online configurator.


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