The official Porsche Museum near Stuttgart, Germany, is something approaching Mecca for car enthusiasts, but the automaker is saving you the airfare and passport stamp if you happen to be at one of many automotive events this year.

The company's historians have selected numerous events for what it calls its "rolling museum," where it takes popular cars from its collection and either displays them or drives them at various events around the globe. Last year, the collection made an impressive 280 worldwide appearances.

While this year's agenda hasn't been set in full, the automaker did detail some of the bigger events where its cars will be driven:

  • The California Mille, April 24-28, where two 356s will be driven.
  • Targa Florio (Italy), May 5, where a former participating 911 RSR will participate.
  • Historic Grand Prix (Monaco), May 13-15, where a pair of 1960-era Formula One cars will do demonstration runs.
  • Paul Pietsch Classic (Germany), June 3-4, where a 1991 944 Turbo Convertible will be driven by a German celebrity.
  • Ennstal Classic (Germany), July 27-30, where a variety of cars will be driven, including a 356 piloted by Porsche Chairman Wolfgang Porsche.
  • Saxony Classic (Germany), August 18-20, where two cars will be driven from Hamburg to Berlin.
  • Top City Classic Rally (China), September 17-27, where several cars will be driven in and around Peking and Shanghai.

You can find out more at the website of the Porsche Museum (


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