British sports car builder Morgan adheres to tradition like no one else, which is why its retro roadsters are a rare sight in the United States.

That's because American safety regulations aren't exactly easy for Morgans to pass. However, a $305 billion bill signed into action by President Barack Obama late last year may have changed things since it allows for small car manufacturers to build and sell, in limited numbers, replicas of cars at least 25 years old.

Isis Imports, a Morgan importer since 1968, says on its website that the law "potentially allows for some four-wheeled models to soon be imported" to the U.S. It's worth noting that Morgan does build three-wheelers, which are an entirely different ballgame. They're already on sale here and will soon be available in all-electric guise.

Isis Imports in San Francisco advertises itself as the country's oldest "Morgan source," and its name is spoken with reverence among American fans of the brand.

For now, Isis asks interested parties to contact them. It remains to be seen whether Morgan, which doesn't assemble its cars in the U.S., would qualify, or if a complete knock down—or CKD—program where final assembly is completed here may be necessary.


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