Daimler’s Maybach revival is not over yet, with the German automaker expected to start using the Maybach name on ultra-luxurious versions of high-end models from the Mercedes-Benz range. The first Mercedes to feature the Maybach tag is expected to be a stretched S-Class due at the end of this year, and others are likely to follow shortly after.

Australia’s Motoring is reporting that the GL-Class SUV is likely to be the next recipient of the Maybach tag. If successful, this could be followed by a Maybach version of the upcoming M-Class Coupe.

Using the Maybach tag on the GL-Class makes sense, as it will allow Mercedes to compete—to some degree—with a raft of new ultra-luxurious SUVs coming from the likes of Bentley, Maserati and perhaps even Rolls-Royce.

So what can we expect from the Maybach models? While there will be some visual tweaks to the exteriors of the vehicles, as well as some safety technology upgrades, most of the Maybach-specific changes will center on interior trim. Look for Mercedes’ most premium materials to be used throughout, as well as the latest in infotainment technologies and mobile office gadgets.

The new S-Class Maybach is expected to be on display for the first time at auto shows in Guangzhou and Los Angeles in November. The GL-Class Maybach should arrive sometime in 2015, if approved for production.


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