The Lagonda SUV concept unveiled at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show was an almost unmitigated failure. Odd proportions, widespread public rejection and a host of excuses marked its birth, and now it appears its death as well. Yes, instead of residing on an ungainly SUV, Aston Martin is now expected to use the prestigious Lagonda name for a sedan that will share a number of styling cues with the last Lagonda sedan launched in 1976 and produced up until 1990 (pictured above).

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A prototype for the vehicle has started testing in the U.K. and Auto Express is reporting that it will be called a Lagonda. It isn’t expected to be a mainstay in the Aston Martin lineup, however, as the new Lagonda is believed to have been commissioned as a series of bespoke coachbuilt cars from the automaker’s Q by Aston Martin personalization department.

This ties in with previous comments from former Aston Martin CEO Dr. Ulrich Bez that rather than launching Lagonda as a standalone brand as originally envisaged, it will be more effective to use the name for a single model. The main reason, according to Bez, is due to the lack of awareness of Lagonda, particularly in emerging markets where Aston Martin is still attempting to establish its own name.

The new Lagonda sedan will feature a 6.0-liter V-12 and ride on a stretched version of the Rapide’s platform, which is essentially the VH design that underpins all modern Aston Martin models and dates back to the original Vanquish launched in 2001. Aston Martin is working on a new platform but that isn’t expected to be ready until the arrival of the next-generation DB9 around 2016.

To view spy shots of the prototype for the new Lagonda sedan, head over to Auto Express.


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