Mazda will be exhibiting several cars of interest at the 2007 Tokyo Auto Salon, including both wacky concept cars as well as current production models that are customised and tuned. Mazda’s CX-7 Bright Stylish (come on, what else were you expecting it to be called?) Concept is expected to be one of the main attractions at the Mazda stand, along with the other CX-7 concepts. In fact, there are no less than 4 modified CX-7’s making an appearance, most of them with only visual modifications. The CX-7 Audio Mania concept, however, comes with all the latest audio and video technology and promises to be a feast for the eyes and ears.

One of their wackier concepts, the Mazda MPV Prestigious, will also make an appearance. Its being pushed as “Driving Business Class” and the MPV Prestigious features a private office and only two seats in the rear to create an environment where business can be conducted.

Mazda will also be exhibiting tuned production versions of the RX-8 and Mazda Roadster, as well as several other concepts based on the Axela and the Mazda Roadster.





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HIROSHIMA, Japan--Mazda Motor Corporation will showcase a tantalizing lineup of seventeen customized and tuner vehicles at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2007 with NAPAC. Mazda will showcase the 'CX-7 Bright Stylish Concept' and 'CX-7 Mazdaspeed Concept' vehicles, which are exciting concept models based on the brand new CX-7 crossover production model that is scheduled for launch in Japan on December 19, 2006. The Auto Salon will be held at the Makuhari Messe Convention Center in Chiba Prefecture from January 12 to 14, 2007.

Mazda CX-7 Bright Stylish Concept (customized from the North American-spec base model)

At the Tokyo Auto Salon 2007, Mazda will present the CX-7 Bright Stylish Concept along with Mazdaspeed Axela and Mazdaspeed Roadster concepts, in addition to models co-designed with the popular KENSTYLE and DAMD afterparts brands. During the event, the well-known car critic, Etsuro Fushiki, will host a talk show focusing on the new CX-7. Additionally, Manabu Kawaguchi, an automotive journalist, former Mazda development driver Yoshimi Katayama and a representative from the RE (rotary engine)-Amemiya Corporation, Isami Amemiya, will be participants in a talk show on Mazda's performance cars.

Mazda's Exhibits at Tokyo Auto Salon 2007

No. Model Vehicle/Accessory Type

1 Mazda CX-7Mazdaspeed Concept Concept model

2 Mazda CX-7Bright Stylish Concept Concept model

3 Mazda CX-7 KENSTYLE Planned production accessories

4 Mazda CX-7 DAMD Planned production accessories

5 Mazda CX-7Audio Mania Concept model

6 Mazda MPV Bright Stylish Concept Concept model

7 Mazda MPV Prestigious Concept model

8 Mazdaspeed Axela MS Concept Concept model

9 Mazda Axela Sport DAMD Production accessories

10 Mazda Roadster Mazdaspeed M'z Tune Concept Concept model

11 Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed M'z Tune*1 Production model

12 Mazdaspeed Atenza M'z Tune*1 Production model

13 Mazda Roadster NR-A Production model

14 Mazda Roadster Blaze Edition DAMD Production accessories

15 Mazda Roadster KURENAI Concept model

16 Mazda Premacy Bright Stylish M'z Style Planned production model

17 Mazda Verisa Sherwood Knight Concept model

*1 Models designed and produced by Mazda E&T Co., Ltd. Launch scheduled for February 2007.

Mazda's Exhibits at Tokyo Auto Salon 2007

1. Mazda CX-7 Mazdaspeed Concept (concept model)

The 'City Highspeed Tourer' design concept focuses on intensifying the appeal of the crossover sport CX-7, a skillful blend of SUV and sports car. Through the pursuit of the ultimate ride, function and beauty have been added to the base model's design concept of "sturdy, sporty and sleek." In this way, this CX-7 concept's specifications gain an added dimension of driving performance and presence.

2. Mazda CX-7 Bright Stylish Concept (concept model)

High quality chrome garnish has been added to the flowing and powerful CX-7 exterior, highlighting its unique character. Precisely molded aeroparts on the front, sides and rear emphasize the vehicle's strong lines and highlight driving performance, raising the CX-7's presence as an 'Urban Grand Tourer'

3. Mazda CX-7 KENSTYLE (with planned production accessories)

Popular brand KENSTYLE has enhanced the CX-7's sense of 'styling performance' with this exhibit model. Symbolized by the addition of simple and casual aero equipment, the tasteful styling takes the high quality sports design up another notch and will attract admiring glances on the streets.

4. Mazda CX-7 DAMD (with planned production accessories)

This version of the CX-7 has the well-known brand DAMD's particular flavor incorporated into the flowing bodyline. The impressive styling is expressed in chrome parts, including the front grille, side aeroparts, diffuser-style rear underskirt and a front fascia that communicates a sense of speed.

5. Mazda CX-7 Audio Mania (concept model)

The Mazda CX-7 Audio Mania comes outfitted with all the latest audio and video technology. Carrozzeria, a leading brand in in-car entertainment, has offered up a fresh addition to the CX-7 world. The most up-to-date audiovisual equipment adds a deeply engaging final touch to the spacious interior.

6. Mazda MPV Bright Stylish Concept (concept model)

Already a world apart from conventional minivans, Mazda's MPV has been customized with a view to heightened stylishness. The front grille, bonnet and side and rear garnish pieces are made with chrome plating, providing a high quality finish. Additionally, front, side and rear aeroparts add a new element to the driving experience, while uniquely molded aeroparts enhance the vehicle's dynamic lines and express its potential for lively performance.

7. Mazda MPV Prestigious (concept model)

Customized under the key phrase, "Driving Business Class," the MPV Prestigious is a vehicle with the features of a private mobile office that ideally complements any business environment. Only two seats are installed in the rear to create a roomy and luxurious space where business can be conducted and computer work can be carried out in comfort while on the move.

8. Mazdaspeed Axela MS Concept (concept model)

Based on the high performance Mazdaspeed Axela sport compact car, this custom car boasts an aggressive exterior brimming with beauty and functionality that would be welcome in any driveway. With interior modifications including four full bucket seats, the overall impression of speed assaults the senses.

9. Mazda Axela Sport DAMD (with production accessories)

Build on the lively Axela Sport, DAMD has added their own brand of Italian flair to this custom version. By attaching an exclusive front grille, front under spoiler and rear underskirt, DAMD has cleverly highlighted the Axela's speed and explosive power. The cabin features an Ancel MONO+Sport Series design. The ivory monotone color realizes a coordinated elegance in the sporty interior.

10. Mazda Roadster Mazdaspeed M'z Tune Concept (concept model)

Mazda's Roadster has always provided "Jinba Ittai" (rider and horse as one) performance with a fun-to-drive character. This concept model has undergone a comprehensive tuning to further evolve both its Jinba Ittai attributes and quality. Mazda E&T has long been acquainted with the base model and this experience helped them to attain an even more aggressive performance while preserving its everyday practicality. This is one vehicle that raises the bar on conventional perceptions of delight.

11. Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed M'z Tune (production model)

This fully customized version of the high-performance RX-8 boasts increased sports car appeal through modifications to raise comfort levels and driving feel. Mazda E&T has taken advantage of its long relationship with the base model to offer a tuner that makes driving safe and fun, both on and off the track. The Mazda RX-8 Mazdaspeed M'z Tune will make any owner proud.

12. Mazdaspeed Atenza M'z Tune (production model)

The Mazdaspeed Atenza M'z Tune model is based on Mazda's "sports sedan for adults" concept, with a high performance DISI turbo engine that was designed for the current desire for eco-friendliness. This Atenza underwent full customization to further evolve its fun-to-drive qualities, outstanding power and superb comfort levels. Making the most of its experience with this model, Mazda E&T offers both safety and a thrilling ride while driving about town all the way up to more sporty driving.

13. Mazda Roadster NR-A (production model)

This model is a new addition to Mazda's world of fun in motion, providing an upgraded "Jinba Ittai" (rider and horse as one) experience. The NR-A is the base model for the Party Race version, fully equipped with accessories such as high-performance Bilstein dampers and a torque sensing super limited slip differential (LSD). A rollcage and towbar come as options, while racing seatbelts are included to qualify it for participation in production vehicle races.

14. Mazda Roadster Blaze Edition DAMD (with production accessories)

DAMD has also produced its take on the Roadster Blaze Edition, featuring an exterior modified with its renowned aeroparts. The Roadster Blaze is Mazda's ultimate version, optimizing desirability by harmonizing superb quality with Mazda's "Jinba Ittai" and "lots of fun" characteristics. More details about this model will be released at the end of December 2006.

15. Mazda Roadster KURENAI (concept model)

The "exhilaration of the open-top" and the "practicality of a coupe" were the two fun aspects that were designed into the Roadster Power Retractable Hard Top. Chrome parts highlight the premium styling, while glass flakes blended into the purple body color accent the charming atmosphere. Inside, red Italian leather and Alcantara* make up the mature color scheme. The KURENAI is a chic open-style customized model perfect for passionate people.

* A suede-like artificial leather made by Torex. The Japanese name is Ecsaine

16. Mazda Premacy Bright Stylish M'z Style (planned production model)

Under the 'Cool Style Minivan' concept, the base model Premacy was customized with a view to raising its stylish presence. The front bumper and grille are outfitted with a chrome kit, while the rear styling is focused on a unified flow emphasized by the rear underskirt. A more resonant exhaust note--attained by fitting an exclusive sports muffler--emphasizes the unique presence of the Premacy Bright Stylish Concept.

17. Mazda Verisa Sherwood Knight (concept model)

Among the Mazda Verisa's high-quality and stylish features, maturity and elegance are particularly emphasized in this model. Special body color, Highland Green Mica and an original front-grille bumper enhance the styling that renders a nostalgic feel. The leather seats, a combination of sand beige and black, provide a fresh contrast to heighten the refined and exclusive interior atmosphere.