What happens when you put a V12 engine developing more than 880hp in a car that weighs less than a ton? If you want to find out, the owner is now selling his one-of-a-kind Speed 12 on eBay, and available for dispatch anywhere in the UK.

Only five Speed 12s were ever built, with this one being the only road-going model. It was designed to beat the McLaren F1, and the owner at the time decided that it would have to be both smaller and lighter than Gordon Murray’s creation. The resulting car was shown as a concept, but then TVR decided it was simply too risky to sell to the general public and canned the project. The current owner bought his car in 2003 and has been making modifications to it with the help of his own race engineers and TVR itself. It has an estimated 0-100km/h time of under 2.5s and theoretical top speed of 247mph.

The car itself has been the subject of much media attention. The editors of EVO magazine rated it an unprecedented 11.5/5. At the time of writing, the auction has a listed price of £155,100 (approx US$300,000) but this may increase greatly as it nears the end.