Jeep’s headline display at the Detroit Auto Show will be the Trailhawk concept, a SUV that’s supposed to be at home both on and off the road. The design is a mish-mash of previous Jeep concepts and other SUVs, but the Trailhawk does have a few redeeming qualities. Firstly, there’s the innovative roof system, which is made up of two glass panels directly above the driver and passenger. A third glass is located above the rear passengers, and all three are removable for open-air cruising. The concept rides on a 116-inch wheelbase and comes with massive 22” wheels. Power comes courtesy of a 3.0L BLUETEC diesel engine from Mercedes that develops 215hp and 376 ft-lbs. of torque.

The side windows retract fully into the body, leaving no B-pillar above the belt, while the diagonal quarter windows are also fully retractable. The four-passenger interior is dominated by two major design elements -the cross-car instrument panel and a full-length central spine which forms the floor console. The AC outlets, center stack compass/inclinometer, and the dimensional, double-deck "biplane" gauges are housed in circular casings having the appearance of machined aluminum, with detailing matching headlamp surrounds.

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