Lincoln is in the process of renewing its entire lineup but at the same time the company is aware that it desperately needs some new product to fill some obvious gaps. The first of these all-new Lincolns has already arrived in the form of the MKC compact crossover, but the American luxury brand is also looking at other segments.

As part of Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F], Lincoln must adhere to the same ‘One Ford’ policy as the regular Blue Oval lineup. This means platforms and powertrains have to be shared. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, however, since all Ford platforms are being considered to develop additional Lincolns, including the rear-wheel-drive one developed for the 2015 Mustang.

The information was revealed to Edmunds by Lincoln sales and marketing chief Matt VanDyke. He also said product planners were in the process of determining what new segments to enter.

Talk of a Mustang-based Lincoln dates back several years and really heated up with the unveiling of the MKR Concept in 2007, a concept with four-door coupe styling and a rear-driving platform. Ford’s former design chief J Mays threw cold water on the idea a few years ago but the continued popularity of rear-wheel-drive cars, especially in the eyes of luxury buyers, may have changed Ford’s plans. And given VanDyke’s latest comments, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a new rear-wheel-drive Lincoln in the not too distant future.


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