Mitsubishi has unveiled the final edition of the current generation Lancer Evolution supercar. Just one version of the new Evolution IX MR (‘Mitsubishi Racing’) will be available, powered by a tweaked version of the familiar 2.0L turbo motor. Final output is a massive 366bhp, and only 200 units are expected to be produced for sale in the UK.

The Evo IX MR is the final version of the popular Lancer Evolution series that’s soon to be replaced with the upcoming Evo X, and marks 14 years of continuous development since the original model was launched back in 1992.

The introduction of titanium aluminium alloy turbo fins and reduction in the compressor wheel inlet diameter have improved the engine’s response throughout the rev range. Further engine development work is carried out by Mitsubishi Motors UK’s tuning division, Ralliart, and the independent specialists, HKS. A HKS tuning kit delivers 366bhp at 6887rpm and 363lb-ft (492Nm) of torque at 3200rpm. Mitsubishi’s MIVEC variable valve timing technology further enhances the engine’s efficiency, combining improved response with a 3% reduction in fuel consumption. The 0-62mph takes less than 4 seconds and top speed is an electronically controlled 157mph.