Some of the cars that go up for sale on eBay Motors these days are simply amazing and downright strange.

Take this Lexus concept car that was designed for the 2002 hit movie Minority Report, which starred Tom Crusie and was directed by Steven Spielberg, an avid fan of the Lexus brand.

The inspiration behind the car was a vehicle that would fit the requirements of the year 2054, when the movie is set. However, beneath the futuristic design is a standard Chevy V-6 and manual transmission.

The car's starting price in the auction is $88,000 but the price is likely to reach a high-point of $125,000 when it closes in a couple of weeks.

This concept is one of just three that were created for the movie, one being owned by Lexus and another by a studio big shot. This one's got only 38 miles on the clock and the seller is even willing to fix up the interior for you.