Honda will unveil several new concept vehicles at next month’s Geneva, the most dramatic of which will be the Honda Small Hybrid Sports Concept. This latest concept is said to achieve an economy rating of just 3.5L per 100km as well handle and drive like a true sports car. The project was completed by Honda’s research and design studio based in Germany, but the sketch bares a striking resemblance to Lexus LF-A concept. Perhaps there was some inspiration taken from the recent Detroit show.

Alongside the hybrid will be a complete working version of the Concept FCX, which was displayed back at the 2005 Tokyo Motor Show. Finally, the company will showcase its new clean diesel technology with a new engine and catalytic converter that reduces emissions to within the EPA's strict Bin 5 standards.

These latest models follow a flood of recent concept cars from Honda and its up-market Acura brand that were displayed recently at both the LA and Detroit shows, and hopefully hint at some upcoming new models, namely the replacement for the aging Insight hybrid and S2000. Honda’s new Formula One car and a racing version of the Civic Type R road car will also be displayed at Geneva show.