America’s Shelby Super Cars has failed to eclipse Bugatti as the maker of the world’s fastest production car, with its Ultimate Aero TT managing to reach a top speed of 230mph, 23mph shy of the Veyron’s 253mph mark. The widely publicized challenge, which was run yesterday on a closed off section of Nevada highway, was almost called off due to poor weather conditions the day before.

Behind the wheel of the American supercar was experienced road racer Rick Doria, who managed to keep control of the 1183bhp twin-turbocharged beast. Unfortunately, due to the weather, only two runs on a shortened two mile stretch of road was deemed safe. On his first run, Doria managed to reach 221mph. For his second and final attempt, he reached 230mph and claimed was only at 50% throttle while in top gear.

Both Doria and team leader Jerod Shelby are confident they can top the Bugatti Veyron if given a longer stretch of road. Shelby Supercars is expected to make another attempt within months.