BMW will give a preview of a possible flagship sports car with a new concept vehicle that’s expected to make its debut at the Shanghai Auto Show on the 22nd of April. The concept is said to hint at an all-new production vehicle that’s likely to carry the Z9 moniker and will go head-to-head with high-end sports cars such as the Mercedes-Benz SL and Audi R8.

Speaking with Automotive News, a BMW source stated that the company hopes to sell up to 15,000 Z9’s per year, a significant leap over the 5,703 annual units of its Z8 roadster (pictured above), the carmaker’s most recent attempt at selling a high-priced flagship sports car. According to the source, the new Z9 will be a strict two-seater and feature a front-engine RWD configuration with an optional folding hard-top.

Possible prototypes of the car have been spotted in Germany, which reveal a long-nosed roadster with short rear overhangs and M-style vents on the fenders. A base model is expected to feature the 335i’s potent twin-turbo straight six, but it’s still unclear whether the range-topper will get the 5.0L V10 from the M5/M6 line or a new 6.3L V12.