GM has announced that it will reveal a new Opel concept car powered by its E-Flex propulsion system at September’s Frankfurt Auto Show. The E-Flex design features an electric motor that provides drive to the wheels, and runs on batteries charged by a secondary powerplant or even a household power outlet.

GM has already displayed E-Flex vehicles mated with petrol and hydrogen fuel-cell powerplants, and is now set to reveal a version working in conjunction with an ultra-efficient diesel motor. Alongside the new E-Flex concept will be GM’s HydroGen4, the carmaker’s next-generation hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle.

Also on display will be Opel’s new Corsa 1.3L CDTI (pictured), which GM claims will emit just 119g of carbon per kilometer. Other initiatives include a new range of turbocharged petrol and diesel engines, E85 Bio-ethanol motors and compressed natural gas powered vehicles. Finally, GM will unveil plans for 16 new engine families and 10 transmission groups, all designed at reducing CO2 and improving fuel-economy, for introduction by 2012.