Renault will unveil a new concept car based on its Twingo minicar at September’s Frankfurt Motor Show, with production versions expected to hit the market sometime next year. The new car will be a convertible version of the Twingo equipped with a folding metal roof, which in effect makes it a Twingo Coupe-Cabrio or CC for short.

The car’s lines will be slightly altered from the current Twingo hatch, especially at the rear which needed to be redesigned to accommodate the folding roof mechanism and storage. Inside, there will be seating for only two and it will have a more upmarket feel than the basic Twingo range.

Powering the new CC will be a 1.1L four cylinder engine developing 120hp and pricing should start around the €15,000 mark. Prior to the release of the new cabrio, Renault is also expected to launch a new performance Twingo RS model with a 130hp version of the same 1.1L engine.