Audi has pushed back the arrival of its next-gen A3 by one year as it tackles the launch of several all-new models such as the new Q5 SUV and A2 minicar. Originally slated to arrive in ’09, the next A3 will now hit the market in 2010, initially in a three-door bodystyle. Subsequent models such as the five-door and new cabrio should arrive very soon after as well an updated S3 performance range.

These latest renderings give a good indication as to what the final car may look like, and show that the new car will feature its own unique styling as well as a few elements for the new A5. New to the range is the LED turn signals mounted on the side mirrors with optional LEDs available for the headlights.

Audi’s innovative TFSI and TDI Common Rail diesels will soldier on, and more models are likely to be equipped with a DSG. The car’s underpinnings will once again be shared with the VW Golf, which means Audi’s latest modular platform design is ruled out for the A3. However, compared with the current model, the new A3’s footprint will grow in size and its profile will be a lot sleeker giving an almost sportback appearance.

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