Porsche’s entry-level customer race car at present is the 911 GT3 Cup but the automaker could soon launch a new GT4-spec racer based on its Cayman sports car. GT4-spec racing series having been growing in popularity over the years, as they’re a much more affordable avenue for budding motorsport enthusiasts than the GT3 class. A handful of automakers already offer GT4-spec versions of their cars and now it appears Porsche is planning to do the same.

Speaking with Autosport, outgoing Porsche Motorsport chief Hartmut Kristen has revealed that the automaker has tested a racing version of the Cayman. He said it was part of a plan to introduce a race car below the 911-series of cars, which suggests a GT4-spec car.

"Not everyone wants 600 bhp [brake horsepower], lots of downforce and a car costing 500,000 euros," Kristen said. "We have had a look to see if there is something we could do below that for our customers."

Some private constructors have already developed Cayman GT4 race cars. Kristen said Porsche has built a concept for a new entry-level race car but didn’t confirm whether it’s a GT4-spec car. He also said no significant testing has been done yet.

Note, a mysterious Cayman prototype (pictured above) was spotted earlier this year and is believed to be a hardcore version of the popular sports car destined to be the road-going cousin of the new Cayman race car. It’s expected on the market late next year or in early 2016 and will be to the Cayman lineup what the 911 GT3 is to the 911 range.


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