Infiniti is considering expanding its lineup with a new small car, a high-end coupe and possibly a minivan, and the automaker is also considering smaller engines. Despite fuel prices heading northwards, the smallest engine in Infiniti’s range remains a 3.5-liter V-6. However, it’s not just engines Infiniti has its hopes for the future pinned on.

Nissan’s global design chief Shiro Nakamura was looking towards “an expansion of the brand” itself, including the possible introduction of several new models that stray from Infiniti’s current market segment and image. The most notable of these is the possibility of a “high end coupe or convertible” to be Infiniti’s take on Nissan’s upcoming GT-R. While Infiniti’s luxury image may not be entirely compatible with a 500-horsepower sports car there remains significant interest in the segment, Nakamura told Automotive News.

It’s not all sports and luxury at Infiniti though, with murmurings of a “people mover” that would differentiate itself from the FX crossover and the EX crossover due in December.

This new influx of creative thinking is a welcome change from Infiniti’s previous state of dormancy and lack of new products. A new product every year has been promised by Infiniti officials, and the expansion of the brand in new markets such as China, Europe, Japan, Korea and Russia should guarantee that it's no longer a US dominant brand, but rather a global brand that can compete with the likes of Lexus.


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