One of the more interesting concepts we’ve seen in a long time has just been revealed ahead of its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month. The new concept is called the Mazda Taiki and is the latest in a string of organic-influenced concept cars including the previous Nagare, Ryuga and Hakaze vehicles. The Taiki features real-world technologies such as a next-generation rotary engine and enhanced aerodynamic performance, and is being touted as a possible design direction for a future generation of Mazda sports cars.

Positioned up front is a new RENESIS rotary engine dubbed the 16X, a twin rotor unit sending drive to the rear wheels that features a longer stroke and a larger displacement 1.6L (800cc x 2) design. The new design is said to raise the thermal efficiency and torque levels at all engine speeds and, with a new direct injection system and lightweight aluminum side housing, will also reduce fuel consumption.

Mazda’s other highlights for the Tokyo Show will be the recently revealed Mazda6 (dubbed the Atenza in Japan), the Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid and the carmaker’s next-generation powertrains, safety features and environmental technologies.

It’s a welcome change to see a carmaker finally reveal a true concept instead of the regular pre-production 'concepts' we're normally subjected to. Though we're sure no production Mazda will ever look like this for some time, the concept shows that there are exciting things happening in Mazda's design studios and we only have to look at cars like the stunning new Mazda6 to see the results.


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