One of the new concept cars Honda will unveil at the upcoming Tokyo Motor Show is the CR-Z sports compact, a possible preview of a replacement for the popular Honda CRX. The official tagline for the concept is “a next-generation lightweight sports car equipped with a Honda petrol-electric hybrid system” but telltale signs this is a likely precursor to a new CRX is the familiar profile and glass rear end. It doesn’t hurt that both cars share a very similar name as well.

Key features of the new concept include the over-sized grill and aggressive wedge shape, centrally mounted dual exhaust pipes and a rear glass hatch. Other design details included in the CR-Z are the electronic side-mirrors, LED headlights and 19in alloys.

For the interior, designers attempted to combine a sporty look with something that remains modern and high-tech. The result was the adoption of a mesh material for most of the surfaces with plenty of glass and LEDs laid out across the instrument panel.