Update: Maybach has released official pictures of the Landaulet concept.

Maybach is in desperate need of more products but since it’s unlikely officials will pump enough cash to develop a brand new model, any new car is likely to be some sort of variant of the current version. This means that we could see a new Maybach coupe or possibly a four-door cabrio as many are suggesting. New reports claim an open top version of the car will be unveiled at the Middle East Motor Show being held in Dubai next month.

According to AutoTelegraaf, Maybach will release a new model called the 62 Landaulet that’s set to go into limited production of just 20 examples. The Landaulet design was made popular in the early part of the century and is basically a regular sedan whose roof-center is made of vinyl and can be folded away. However our rendering suggests Maybach will likely adopt a more conventional cabrio design.

Mercedes-Benz has already showcased a four-door convertible with its Ocean Drive concept and it too is reported to be readying a new convertible version of the S-Class for launch in 2011. Click here to see our previous story on the Maybach cabrio.