The new C30 has been praised for its handling dynamics and good looks since its production launch last year. Now both will be put to the test in the Swedish Touring Car Championship, as the new C30 E85 FIA SUPER 2000 (the car's official name) is replacing the S60 as Volvo's entry in the series.

Running on bioethanol and producing around 280hp (209kW) from its 2.0L inline five-cylinder, the race version us up about 65hp (48kW) over the stock motor. Only a certain amount of tweaking of the top-end of the engine (cylinder block and heads) is allowed by the series, but Volvo managed to get the increased power by installing race-specific valves, cam shafts, pistons, connecting rods, and crankshaft. Maximum power is delivered at a screaming 8,750rpm and torque of 230Nm (169lb-ft) tops out at 7,300rpm.

Like most modern race cars, the C30 racer will use a six-speed sequential gearbox. The car remains front-wheel drive for the series, but receives a SACHS 184mm two-disc carbon fiber clutch upgrade. Helping to keep the power on the ground (and the torque steer to a minimum) is a mechanical differential with a torque controlled ramper and friction discs. Weight has been shaved to the series-minimum of just 1,134kg (2,500lbs) including the driver.

Front McPherson struts pair with a multi-link rear suspension. Both front and rear are fully adjustable. Brakes are provided by Performance Friction and feature four-piston calipers clamping radially and axially ventilated 332x32mm discs up front, with Alcon two-piston axially ventilated 290x10mm discs in back. Wheels are BBS-made 17-inch alloys all around, mated to Michelin slicks or rain tires.