The next couple of months are going to be extremely busy for McLaren as the British automaker launches a handful of new models in quick succession. Just this week we saw the covers come off the 650S Le Mans special edition, which features unique body elements penned by McLaren F1 designer Peter Stevens.

Another new McLaren set for debut will be the long-awaited Sports Series, the automaker’s new entry-level model. This car or perhaps cars (several versions are in the pipeline) will be shown for the first time at the New York Auto Show in April. But before then, at March’s Geneva Motor Show to be exact, McLaren will also introduce its hardcore P1 GTR and another track-focused model, the latter of which has been teased this week.

Yes, previous reports of a new track-focused 650S variant have proven true, with McLaren confirming just such a car for debut in Geneva. Few details are known but teaser photos confirm it will be 650S-based. We’re expecting more power than the stock 650S’s 641 horsepower, with some suggesting we may see a hellish 666 hp extracted from McLaren’s ubiquitous twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V-8. That equates to 675 hp in the metric figures McLaren uses.

Teaser for new track-focused McLaren 650S variant debuting at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Teaser for new track-focused McLaren 650S variant debuting at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

The name 675 LT has been making the rounds, with the “675” portion representing the power output and the “LT” signifying an extended long-tail design similar to that used on the legendary F1 GTR Long Tail. The teaser photos reveal a new low-mounted side air intake and what appears to be an extended rear section.

McLaren already offers a track-focused 650S in the form of the 650S Sprint. However, the Sprint is designed for the track only and is not street legal in most countries. The new 650S variant, whatever it’s called, should be fully capable on the road as well as the track. McLaren is likely introducing the model to challenge Ferrari’s facelifted 458, which also debuts this year and is thought to pack a new turbocharged engine.   

Look for a reveal of McLaren’s new 650S variant in late February before an official debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3. To see what else will be present at the Swiss show, head to our dedicated hub.


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