McLaren’s big debut of 2015 will be its new entry-level model, the Sports Series, which we’re currently expecting to appear for the first time at the 2015 New York Auto Show in April. However, there might be something new on the McLaren stand at the 2015 Geneva Motor Show one month earlier. According to reports out of Europe, the British automaker is set to introduce a new 650S variant at the Swiss show.

Dutch website Autovisie is reporting that the new car will adopt McLaren’s GTR moniker, suggesting that it will be a hardcore track-focused version along the lines of the flagship P1 GTR. McLaren already has such a car in the form of the 650S Sprint, however, a GTR-badged version would likely be more extreme and come with an ownership experience program where a driver could develop their skills as well as compete in McLaren-organized events at some of the world’s top race tracks.

Some of the upgrades expected for the new variant include more power (perhaps as much as 665 horsepower), less weight and unique styling. The rear of the car is said to be substantially different to that of the stock 650S, with exposed mechanicals and even an extended ‘Long Tail’ design similar to that used on the legendary F1 GTR Long Tail rumored.

Look for a reveal in late February before an official debut at the Geneva Motor Show on March 3.


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