If you’re like Frank Mountain, the British property developer who famously purchased Michael Schumacher’s Formula 1 car, your love of F1 and a healthy bankroll are all you need to become the owner of your very own F1 car. In this case it’s not a Ferrari, but a Super Aguri Honda on offer at Racercar.com. The peculiar circumstances of this car’s provenance make it a rare and special buy for the lucky person with the resources to do so.

When the Super Aguri team was born, all they had to begin with was a connection that secured a few Honda F1 engines and a dream. Fortunately the monumental task of designing and building a chassis from scratch was averted by the acquisition of several Arrows chassis originally built in 2002. After Super Aguri conformed those chassis to 2006 regulations, Sakon Yamamoto raced this particular car on six occasions during the 2006 season at the Nurburgring, the Spanish Grand Prix, Monte Carlo, the Canadian Grand Prix, Indianapolis and finally at Magny-Cours. Despite a few dust-ups and mechanical failures, the car has been returned to perfect working order and comes complete with all spares and equipment necessary to operate the car.

In a particularly fortuitous twist, because the car was originally manufactured in 2002 and is fitted with a V10 Cosworth TJ series engine, it is eligible to race in the EuroBOSS series in 2008 - meaning the lucky buyer could actually take an F1 car to the track in anger, something very few people have ever done. However, buying an F1 car is not something that should be done lightly - Frank Mountain’s purchase process was detailed and painstaking. The Super Aguri for sale in this case is being sold second hand - not directly from the manufacturer, so even more care and forethought should be involved. For some insight into just how painstaking the purchase process of an F1 car is, check out the video below of the above-mentioned segment for Fifth Gear.