There’s a definite resurgence in small, lightweight roadsters. Tiny road-going racers with punchy engines and the kind of handling owners of bigger and heavier sports cars can only dream of. Notable mentions include cars like the KTM X-bow, the Fisker-designed Artega GT, and anything with a Lotus badge on it. Now we can add a new car to the list with the announcement today of the MM Industries (MMI) Avocet two-seater roadster.

Designed and built in the U.K., the new roadster has been unveiled at the recent Autosport International Show at the NEC in Birmingham. Although developed by MMI, the car is being showcased by another company, Surface Transforms, which manufactures the carbon ceramic brake system fitted to the car.

The Avocet features a doorless molded bodyshell and is built using lightweight composite materials. Its mechanicals are based on selected Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] standard and performance parts, including an engine available from Ford tuner Roush. The standard powertrain incorporates a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine developing 150 horsepower. An uprated 225-hp version, developed by Roush’s Mountune performance division, will be available as a special order option.

An all-up weight of around 1,500 pounds should see the car cover the 0-60 mph dash in under five seconds, making it extremely competitive.


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