When people think of eco-friendly vehicles, hybrid cars like the Toyota Prius or Honda Insight usually spring to mind. Compared to a gas-guzzling SUV or full-sized sedan, efficient hybrid vehicles start to look like the ideal solution for clean motoring. The sad truth is that modern diesel cars often match and even better the mileage rates of supposedly clean hybrid vehicles. That could change with the announcement today of a new ultra fuel efficient SUV dubbed the ‘Extreme Hybrid.’

The new SUV is claimed to be capable of achieving mileage rates of up to 150mpg and 0-60mph times of under seven seconds. The SUV is the creation of AFS Trinity Power and features the start-up’s new ‘Fast Energy Storage’ system. On electric power alone the Extreme Hybrid has a 40 mile range and in hybrid mode it has an extended range of 400 miles. Charging up the batteries, meanwhile, takes just a single night.

AFS Trinity now plans to license the technology to other carmakers, however, it will also attempt to raise the funds to begin modifying existing hybrids or manufacture its own 150 mpg SUV’s and eventually a 250mpg sedan.