Just a few weeks ago we learned of the brand tie-up between Aston Martin and Mercedes, expected to cover everything from engine sourcing to handbags. Now we have word that Aston Martin is prepping an updated V8 Vantage that hopes to be more well suited to take on the Porsche 911.

Performance is being boosted by increasing the V8 Vantage's displacement from the standard 4.3L engine to a beefier 4.7L. The accompanying torque and power boost (as yet undisclosed) should give the Aston that little bit of oomph it was missing. The already well-sorted chassis should remain untouched.

The cabin will get some revision as well, including replacing the rather pathetic key-fob with something more substantial, reports Car. Ford's rather tight-fisted influence has been released since the company gained its independence and the British marque is looking to finish out some of the details that were left rather rough under previous ownership. Other such details include improved switchgear.

After its showing in Geneva, the new V8 Vantage will be launched for sale in May 2008. At that time, the sport pack available previously only on the Vantage N400 (pictured) will be made available to the rest of the Vantage line, offering revised spring rates and improved dampers.

A revised DB9 is also expected for Geneva, but no details have yet emerged.