Le Mans could soon be vying with F1 in the technology stakes with news today that Peugeot is planning to race a hybrid-diesel car in next year’s 24 hour endurance race. The news comes from the carmaker’s new CEO Jean-Philippe Collin who revealed that a prototype hybrid-diesel racing engine will be fitted to the existing 908 chassis and will start testing later this year.

Speaking with French newspaper L’Equipe, Collin confirmed that the car will complete a couple of trial runs at a press event at this year’s Le Mans race in June. The car could even see its first race as early as November at the ACO 1,000km challenge in Shanghai.

Peugeot isn’t the first carmaker to reveal hybrid motorsport plans. Earlier this year Toyota confirmed that it was considering entering a petrol-hybrid race car in this year’s Le Mans 24 hour event, and before that it won the Tokachi 24-Hour Race in Japan with a petrol-electric Supra.