Chinese car designers are rarely lauded for their efforts, mostly because of the country’s reputation for 'borrowing' designs from other carmakers, but one company, Geely, is helping to turn around the bad rep with a number of interesting concepts it has planned for the upcoming Beijing Motor Show.

Our previous story on the Geely GT concept revealed a concept with swooping lines, and a very original front grille that looks both svelte and alluring. Now Geely has released another concept, this time a small hatchback in a similar segment to the Honda Fit or Mazda2, Reuters reports. Dubbed the Geely CE, the hatchback looks handsome and desirable.

With the profile of a Peugeot 206 and a front grille that wouldn’t look out of place on a Honda, the car isn’t as original as the Geely GT, but as a whole the styling is modern and looks like it could have come from a more established brand.

Geely hasn't confirmed any production plans, but when you consider how close to production this concept already seems we believe the green-light is a sure bet. Next month's Beijing event should also provide us with more clues about the car's future, including the new mechanical package residing underneath its sheet metal.