Already heralded as one of the first high-performance dual-clutch gearboxes to be put into an affordable car, Mitsubishi's Sport Shift Transmission (SST) will also see use in the company's Outlander SUV. This is the first implementation of a dual-clutch gearbox in an SUV and is another step towards the eventual demise of the torque-converter based automatic transmission.

Advantages of dual-clutch technology over both traditional automatic and manual transmissions are numerous. Lightning quick shifts, smooth power delivery and high mechanical efficiency along with ease-of-use in automatic or manual mode combine in the SST to bring the very best of both worlds without the drawbacks of either of its predecessors.

The six-speed automated manual Twin Clutch SST allows the driver to choose between fully automatic and manual shifting modes and features a small toggle switch for swapping between Normal, and Sport modes. Gears are changed via a pair of magnesium paddle shifters located behind the steering wheel. The SST in the Outlander will also feature a Hill Start Assist function that momentarily holds the brake until the accelerator is pressed when the vehicle detects it is pointed uphill.

According to the company's future forecast, the SST will be appearing in more and more Mitsubishi vehicles - increasingly alongside diesel engines - in an effort to expand the fuel-saving and performance-enhancing benefits throughout its line.