Chinese automobile manufacturer Dongnan has released an official sketch of a new concept car it’s prepping for this month’s Beijing Motor Show. Until now Dongnan’s designs have relied on existing Mitsubishi products as their basis but this latest concept demonstrates the carmaker’s readiness to start creating its own unique design language.

The concept’s coupe-like profile and angular lights give it a modern and sleek appearance although the front seems to have been 'inspired' by a few already existing cards.

While Dongnan isn't as well known as Chery or Brilliance, the manufacturer is partly owned by Mitsubishi and has been selling modified Lancers and Space Wagons since 2006 in the Taiwanese market. Dongnan is actually a joint venture between Fujian Motor Group and China Motor Corporation, and has been involved with Daimler in the past for the supply of several minivan models for the Asian market.