Nissan teased us with the unveiling of an extravagant sedan concept at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show but then went silent when it came time to talk about production details. Now, on the eve of this month’s Beijing Motor Show, Nissan has released an official teaser for a new sedan that shares some of the lines of the previous concept.

The concept was the Nissan Intima sedan, a coupe-like four door with swiveling seats and rear-opening suicide doors. Officials haven’t released any details about the new production model destined for Beijing, but given the number of recent sightings of a new Nissan sedan that closely resembled the Intima most are predicting the production Intima is in fact making its debut in Beijing.

While it’s unlikely the rear-opening suicide doors and matching toiletry set of the concept will appear in the production version, we'd be happy if any part of the beautiful interior made it to into the new sedan.

A debut of a premium sedan in Beijing wouldn't be a new occurrence for Nissan whose global strategy of late has been heavily focused on large emerging markets such as China, India and Russia to push its sales up.

Nissan Intima Concept