Porsche today officially applied for a judicial review challenging the London Mayor’s £25 ($50) congestion charge in the High Court of Justice. The sports carmaker believes the increase of the congestion charge from £8 ($16) a day, or £0.80 ($1.6) for residents, to £25 is both unfair and disproportionate and predicts that the charge could even increase congestion and damage air quality in London.

Commenting on the filing, Andy Goss, Porsche’s UK chief, said, “not only is this new tax on motorists unfair, it is also a disproportionate and illegal use of power by the mayor. The Porsche case is about protecting London and Londoners from a new tax that will not only fail to reduce CO2 emissions in central London, but also increase congestion and damage air quality.”

The charges have been designed with sports cars and SUV’s in mind however there have been suggestions that it will have little effect on overall emissions and that a greater focus on commercial pollution is needed.

Porsche has asked the court to expedite the judicial proceedings as the new charge is expected to come in by October this year.