This week’s Beijing Auto Show is coming to a close but there are still a few surprising vehicles coming out even after most of the motoring journalists and industry officials have packed up and left. Take for example the new Guangzhou Auto Coupe-Cabrio concept – one of China’s first vehicles equipped with a folding hardtop.

According to The Tycho, the new car will hit the market in production form before the end of the year and is designed to head to head with the F8 convertible from Chinese rival BYD. No details about the car’s mechanical package have been revealed but Guangzhou has a range of world-class four-cylinder engines it builds for a number of Western manufacturers and this is most likely the option engineers will use for the new CC.

Guangzhou currently builds cars for Honda and Toyota for sale in the Chinese market as well as several European markets, and quality of its cars are said to be comparable with those coming out of Japanese Honda and Toyota plants.


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