Seat’s new Ibiza hatch is set for launch later this year yet the only model we’ve seen so far is the regular five-door. As was the case with previous generations of the Ibiza, Seat will likely offer a number of different variants including a performance model based on the Bocanegra Concept, an entry-level three-door hatch, a coupe, an estate wagon, and a possible convertible.

We now have renderings of two of these new models: the three-door hatch and the convertible. As expected, the three-door hatch will essentially be a shortened version of the five-door model revealed last month. For the convertible, engineers would need to change the side profile and glasshouse but the car’s front-end styling will be identical to the hatch models.

The engine line-up for both cars will be the same as the five-door hatch, which means three different petrol engine options ranging from 1.2 to 1.6L in displacement and developing between 70 and 102hp. The line-up of direct-injection TDI engines is expected to be revealed later in the year.

Earlier this month, reports emerged claiming Seat will build a production version of the Bocanegra Concept as the new Ibiza Cupra. Power for the car will come from a twin-turbo 1.4L petrol engine with 180hp. Expect to see the new Cupra as well as several other Ibiza variants at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Seat Ibiza three-door hatch and cabrio renderings

2009 Seat Ibiza

Seat Bocanegra Concept