In the latest twist of the TVR story, the British sports carmaker has unveiled an updated version of its Sagaris (current model pictured) at a secret preview event and has announced plans to start building the car at the end of the year. Tales of plant shutdowns, massive layoffs, and a possible tie-up with Italian coach-builder left many fearful that the TVR brand could be disbanded for good, but it appears the company is alive and kicking.

Speaking at the unveiling of the new car, TVR managing director David Oxley said first sales of the new Sagaris will start early next year and there were plans for several more models as well.

Changes to the Sagaris include a revised suspension set-up and steering system for improved handling. The interior has also been given a major makeover, being fitted with a new air-conditioning system, new carpets and an updated center console. The car’s straight-six engine has been left unchanged and still develops 380hp and 349lb-ft of torque from its 4.0L of displacement.

Pricing is yet to be announced but is expected to run upwards of €85,000. The car will be available in both RHD and LHD configurations and will be sold in the Middle East and Europe as well as the UK, initially.