Ferrari announced today that Michael Schumacher has completed the track and road development stages of the new California, with the final specifications set and the car now ready for its Paris Motor Show debut in October. Speaking at the final test session, which took place at Ferrari’s Fiorano test track in Italy, Schumacher stated that participating in the project since the very beginning had been “really fascinating and great fun.”

Comparing the new California with Ferrari’s most recent model, the F430 Scuderia, Schumacher said that despite being very different, both cars still offer amazing performance. “The F430 Scuderia is, of course, a more extreme model with a focus on absolutely cutting-edge performance. However, although the Ferrari California is very much a grand tourer in terms of its usability and high level of interior comfort, it is still surprisingly sporty and fun to drive under any kind of conditions," he explained.

Comparing the V8 in the Ferrari California with the one powering the Scuderia Schumacher said that the engines were designed to meet different requirements, the F430 Scuderia being aimed at drivers who want the very essence of a Ferrari and will get it out on the track as often as they can. The California, on the other hand, is designed for everyday use and for weekends away, he commented.

Ferrari California GT