The U.S., despite being the world's premier car market, often misses out on some of the most brilliant cars, simply because what sells in America isn't the same as what sells everywhere else. The latest casualty of the market disparity is the Audi RS6 Avant, one of the hottest wagons available anywhere. The sedan version is still on the import list, fortunately.

As the Dodge Magnum may have so inelegantly illustrated, Americans don't necessarily get the idea of a big, powerful wagon. Sure, on paper a 580hp (432kW) 5.0L twin-turbo V10 and abundant cargo space sound like a great mix, but Audi's accountants don't think it's worth the hassle to bring it along for the ride, according to InsideLine.

While the big engine is Lamborghini-worthy - and based on similar underpinnings, since the Raging Bull marque is also part of the Volkswagen Group - the big estate's 4,564lb (2,075kg) curb weight makes for slower going than its more athletic cousins. Acceleration is still more than brisk - 0-100km/h (62mph) takes just 4.6 seconds. And with the added utility of the rear cargo area and room for four to five adults or at least as many children, it seems like the ultimate, almost-no-compromise family vehicle.

Perhaps enough public outcry will push the company to bring the RS6 Avant along shortly after the RS6 sedan makes its way to the States, but as it stands now, it's not a likely proposition. The Avant is already on sale in Europe, but its notch-back companion is still in testing, as these spy photos show. It's expected to make its European debut toward the end of the year, priced around €105,000 ($163,000). No word yet on when it'll be coming to America.