Infiniti's parent company, Nissan, first hinted at the introduction of a convertible version of the new G37 Coupe when it released its GT 2012 company-wide strategy back in May. Late last month, the company formally announced that the G37 Convertible would arrive in the first quarter of next year as a 2009 model following a world debut at this week’s Los Angeles Auto Show, and also released a side-on teaser shot.

Infiniti has now released a third teaser shot a day out from the car's debut, while also confirming that it will be available in Europe as well as North America.

Based on the current G37 Coupe, the convertible will feature a three-piece automatic folding hardtop and several unique interior appointments. Speaking with Automotive News, Nissan’s chief designer Shiro Nakamura was keen to point out that there will be a lot more differences between the Coupe and Convertible than just the roof.

To keep the proportions of the Coupe, designers needed to mask the relatively tall trunk, which needed to be extended to accommodate the folding roof system. "There were lots of discussions with engineers and suppliers. By slightly widening, slightly lengthening the car, it all balances fine," he explained to reporters. “From the rear quarter view it looks different — its own car."

Power will come from the same 328hp (245kW) 3.7L V6 engine used in the Coupe, giving the car more than enough oomph to take on the likes of BMW’s 335i drop-top. The convertible G37 should also get a new 7-speed automatic transmission that will eventually be available on all Infiniti G models (6-speed manual transmissions will also be available), as well as an optional uprated brake package and newly designed 18in alloys.

The new convertible should go on sale in North America early next year before arriving in Europe towards the end of the year.