To date, modified Jaguar XFs have been something of a hit-or-miss affair, with some of the end results arguably bringing the base car down, rather than kicking it up a notch. The Ecurie Ecosse XF, however, appears to be a tasteful and classy upgrade package that adds real value to the already strong base sedan - just what one would expect from a legendary Scottish racing name that bears two Jaguar-driven titles at Le Mans to its credit.

Delicately refinished wood in piano black, soft blue interior accent lighting and Scottish leather upholstery with traditional vertical pleating are the primary upgrades in the cabin. The combined effect is a noticeable yet reserved upgrade in appearance.

The Ecurie Ecosse tuned XF is not just about appearances, however, with a fully tuned suspension and the option of three tuning levels for the engine. While the suspension tuning achieves a lower ride height and center of gravity for superior handling, it does so with exclusive components that also strive to preserve the ride comfort already present.

While a high-performance Ecure Ecosse-tuned version of the SV8 supercharged V8 engine is in development, the current package tunes the 2.7L diesel variant available in Europe. Three levels of engine tuning might seem like a lot of options for a typical tuning package, but the first option proves this is anything but: if the owner chooses, the engine will be left untouched, with the rest of the modifications intact. A piggy-back ECU offers a 30hp improvement to 237hp (177kW) while also managing superior fuel consumption to stock. The third and final stage of tune involves a full re-map of the ECU and yields a final rating of 258hp (192kW) and a claimed 6-9% efficiency gain from the twin-turbo engine.

To complement the improved handling and motive power, the Ecure Ecosse XF also features upgraded brakes, a reworked exhaust with four 90mm exit pipes plus upgraded 20" alloy wheels and Dunlop SPMAXX tires.