Toyota FT-86 II Concept

  • 2011 Toyota FT-86 II Concept

    Rumors are as rumors do, and they're flying as wildly as ever around the Toyota FT-86 after the second version, the uninventively-named FT-86 II, was revealed at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show last week. This time, the rumors aren't about delays or cancelation, but about a hybrid powertrain. The rumors appear to have a bit of substance to them, however: when asked by AutoExpress, an unnamed Toyota spokesman said: "It's no secret we've been considering a hybrid sports car for a while." That's no secret, indeed, but few expected it to happen with the Subaru-Toyota joint rear-wheel drive project...

  • 2011 Toyota FT-86 II Concept
    Changes To Toyota FT-86 II Concept Based On Driver Feedback

    At the recent 2011 Geneva Motor Show Toyota rolled out an updated version of its FT-86 concept car, which previews a new rear-wheel drive sports coupe the Japanese auto giant is co-developing with Subaru and plans to launch next year. Dubbed the FT-86 II, the latest concept is based on the original...

  • 2011 Toyota FT-86 II Concept live photos
    Toyota FT-86 II Concept Live Photos: 2011 Geneva Motor Show

    Toyota is certainly drawing out the development of its new rear-wheel drive sports car, having first shown a concept of its future model back in 2009 and now two years later showing yet another concept of it. Of course, we’re talking about the FT-86, which at this week’s 2011 Geneva...

  • 2011 Toyota Yaris HSD Concept
    2011 Geneva Motor Show: Three World Premieres For Toyota

    We already know that Toyota will be unveiling an updated version of its FT-86 rear-wheel drive sports car concept at next month’s 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the aptly named FT-86 II, which we saw a teaser of last month, but now the Japanese auto giant has confirmed several other world premieres...

  • Toyota FT-86 II Concept teaser
    2011 Geneva Motor Show Preview: Toyota Teases FT-86 II

    Wait for it....wait for it. No, really, keep waiting for it. Toyota's FT-86 concept just got a second concept by way of a teaser, and we'll have to--you guessed it--keep waiting for it until Geneva. The new concept? The FT-86 II. Creative, Toyota. No details accompany the new shot, but judging by...

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