Tony Fernandes

  • The Caterham Superlight R600

    The ink is barely dry on the deal between Renault and Caterham, which we know will yield both a new Caterham road car and a new Renault Alpine, but Tony Fernandes is already thinking a few steps ahead. In an interview with Autocar, the owner of Caterham Cars (and team principal of Caterham F1) even laid out a basic strategy, saying, “The ultimate ambition is to do what Porsche has done, and grow beyond being a sports car manufacturer into a mainstream car brand... There’s a long way to go, but we can see a day when we’d like to have a true halo car.” Some would argue...

  • Team Lotus Special Edition Seven
    Caterham Sold To Team Lotus Formula 1 Group

    The Caterham name may not be all that widely recognized here in the U.S. but in Europe, Caterham is well known for manufacturing a range of lightweight track cars built around the classic Lotus Seven chassis. More recently the British firm has been expanding its range, with cars like this SP/300.R...

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