• Protean Electric 360-degree steering and suspension

    A British company thinks ultra-maneuverability will be in our near future around crowded cities.

  • ClearMotion digital chassis
    After 30 years, Bose-developed suspension tech will go into production

    Thirty years ago the audio-minded the folks at Bose decided to dive into the world of automotive suspensions. The goal was to create a dynamic driving experience that improved on-road comfort. Using a Lexus LS400 as the testbed, Bose showed off the technical advantages of its suspension. However...

  • Ford GT
    How the Ford GT's trick suspension has two unique spring rates

    The second-generation Ford GT packs incredible engineering no matter where one's eyes may scan. Be it aerodynamics, engine technology, or the suspension, there's always more than meets the eye. Here, however, we're talking about the GT's suspension, which is anything but traditional. It uses coil...

  • 2013 Chevrolet Corvette 427 Convertible Collector Edition
    Racing At The Heart Of Corvette Chassis Development

    Though it’s hard to imagine today, the Chevrolet Corvette didn’t begin life as a high-performance sports car. Instead, early models went intended to be “sporty” convertibles, fitted with the “Blue Flame” in-line six-cylinder engine and a live rear axle. A V-8...

  • Mercedes explains its Active Body Control
    Mercedes-Benz Explains Active Body Control: Video

    For decades, suspension tuning was a matter of compromise. The components and settings that delivered the best ride quality also returned sloppy handling as cornering forces got higher. Conversely, the setup that delivered the best handling usually delivered a harsh ride on all but glass-smooth...

  • Electromagnetic suspension system
    Electromagnetic Suspension Could Give 60 Percent Better Ride

    There's an automotive buzzword that's becoming ever more popular, and it's killing our cars ride quality. That word is "sporty". "Sporty" means lower suspension, bigger wheels, lower profile tires and uncompromising seats, and it's splashed liberally throughout virtually any model range you care to...

  • Ford Focus development

    If you live somewhere with particularly changeable weather and low temperatures during the winter you'll be familiar with potholes. The broken road surfaces and large holes that result can play havoc with traffic and vehicles, damaging suspension, wheels, tires and bodywork and even causing accidents in the worst instances. Component damage is particularly common though and can cost drivers a lot of money to repair. Ford engineers are fighting back though, continuing development at its European technical centers at Dunton in the U.K. and Lommel Proving Ground in Belgium. Ford have been...

  • 2010 Porsche Panamera V6
    2011 Porsche Panamera: Entire Lineup Gets Improved Ride Comfort

    The more compliant suspension settings that made their debut earlier this month when the 2011 Porsche Panamera V6 went on sale will soon be phased in for the entire 2011 Panamera lineup—Panamera S and Panamera Turbo models included.

  • 2010 BMW Z4 Roadster
    BMW Z4 Roadster priced from $46,575 in U.S.

    BMW’s striking new Z4 Roadster is set to arrive in showrooms across the U.S. in the following months and in the lead up to its entrance pricing for the entire range, including all options and accessories, has been revealed. The new car will be sold as a 2010 model and will be available in...

  • KW Suspension Nissan GT-R
    KW to present modified Nissan GT-R at Geneva Motor Show

    German suspension specialist KW Automotive will present a modified version of the Nissan GT-R at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, which has been fitted with a new Clubsport coilover suspension kit designed for racing. Together with Japanese vehicle importer Hashimoto, KW has also developed a...

  • Blitz GT-R with manual gearbox and RWD
    Blitz unveils rear-wheel-drive GT-R with manual gearbox

    The highlight of this weekend’s Tokyo Auto Salon will undoubtedly be Nissan’s brand new SpecV GT-R, but as expected Japan’s big name tuners have not stood idly by and let Nissan take all the spotlight. We’ve already seen custom GT-Rs from the likes of Zele International and...

  • 2010 bmw z4 roadster 016
    Video: Behind the scenes prototyping BMW's new Z4

    Developing an all-new iteration of a beloved car is no easy feat. Improving on the existing strengths while introducing as few new weaknesses as possible and at the same time improving value and performance is as tough a balancing act as you're likely to find. But BMW thinks it's done the job with...

  • 2010 BMW Z4 Roadster

    BMW has released the first details and images for its all-new Z4 Roadster, which is set to make its debut next month at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show before going on sale in the following months. The design of the new Z4 comes out through classic details interpreted in a very modern style, highlighted by an automated folding aluminum roof. The hardtop brings the Z4 in line with the competition, opening and closing in 20 seconds. The weight penalty is offset by greater security, better visibility and greater comfort. The side windows are 40% larger than the outgoing soft-top model, and the rear...

  • University of Eindhoven electromagnetic suspension actuator
    Dutch university working on affordable electromagnetic suspension

    The concept of an active suspension system isn't new - prototypes and testbeds have been in existence for decades. But now the technology is finally becoming compact and inexpensive enough to justify its use in mass-produced vehicles, or nearly so. To help arrive at a final concept, the University...

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