German suspension specialist KW Automotive will present a modified version of the Nissan GT-R at next month’s Geneva Motor Show, which has been fitted with a new Clubsport coilover suspension kit designed for racing. Together with Japanese vehicle importer Hashimoto, KW has also developed a second set-up called the Variant 3 coilover and both kits will be on display at the Geneva event.

Both products allow an independently adjustable traction and compression phase for an ideal running gear regulation according to the road conditions and the requirements of the driver. Furthermore, KW integrates its own Hydraulic Lift System at both axles. This enables the driver to lift the car by button or radio control up to 45mm, so it passes speed bumps and other obstacles such as entrances to underground car parks easily. The system even works while driving up to 80 km/h.

As far as the appearance, grip and seats of the car are concerned, the running gear specialist KW and the importer Hashimoto brought further experts into the team. OZ provides its three-part 20in Superleggera alloy wheels, and inside Recaro has fitted a pair of bucket seats with Schroth six-point racing harnesses. The final touch is a pair of Lamborghini-style doors.

Neither KW nor the importer Hashimoto has changed the engine performance, which means the car is powered by the standard 3.8L V6-biturbo VR38 DETT engine churning out 480hp (353kW) at 6,400rpm.