• 1987 Ruf CTR 'Yellowbird'

    In 1987, a modified Porsche 911 from the little-known tuner Ruf beat the best supercars of the day as it became the fastest car in the world.

  • Porsche RUF CTR
    Meet the Rufs and three generations of their CTR supercars

    It's very rare for a car to maintain a halo for thirty years, even one as special as the Ruf Yellowbird. Its status is as well-cemented as that of the likes of the Ford GT40 and the McLaren F1, and like both of those, its formula is one that bears repeating In fact, Ruf's work was so comprehensive...

  • 1988 RUF CTR Clubsport
    This minty-fresh 1988 RUF CTR Clubsport is heading to auction

    RUF cars aren't simply re-tuned Porsches. No, no, they're something very special indeed, and this CTR Clubsport is one of the automaker's shining stars from the past. Fortunately for one well-off individual, it's heading to RM Sotheby's Paris auction on February 7. Why is the CTR Clubsport so...

  • 2017 Ruf CTR
    Here's how the 2017 Ruf CTR 'Yellow Bird' homage flies

    “It’s a love affair with our own history and with our own car that we created 30 years ago. We’re trying to bring it back in a little bit more modernized way.” So says Alois Ruf Jr., about the fourth-generation Ruf CTR, a car that his company is building as an homage to the...

  • 2017 Ruf CTR, 2017 Geneva auto show
    Ruf unveils rear-engine, carbon fiber CTR sports car

    Famous Porsche tuner Ruf has returned with a new generation of its CTR sports car, and the latest is the first car completely developed in-house by the still family owned business run out of Pfaffenhausen, Germany. On display this week at the 2017 Geneva auto show, the new CTR, the fourth in the...

  • Updated: RUF launches next-gen CTR3
    Ruf launches third-generation CTR

    Exactly 20 years after we saw the original CTR, German tuning house Ruf has announced the introduction of its third-generation CTR. The car's arrival coincides with the launch of Ruf's new plant in Bahrain. The latest version will be built on Ruf's own chassis design and utilizes lightweight panels...

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