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  • Ron Dennis

    Six months after his ouster as CEO at McLaren Technology Group due to a spat with fellow shareholders, Ron Dennis is now set to leave the company he helped craft over the past four decades. Dennis has agreed to sell his 25 percent stake back to the company, with the value estimated to be $358 million. As part of the transition, the McLaren Technology Group has been renamed the McLaren Group. The other shareholders include Saudi businessman Mansour Ojjeh with another 25 percent through his TAG Group holding company, and the Bahraini government which has the remaining 50 percent. They both...

  • Ron Dennis
    In spat with shareholders, Ron Dennis loses head role at McLaren

    The rumors that emerged in October suggesting Ron Dennis was about to leave McLaren after 36 years have proven true. The 69-year-old, Chairman, CEO and founder of the McLaren Technology Group, is set to leave the company once his current contract expires at the end of 2016. He has been placed on...

  • McLaren P1, 2012 Paris Auto Show
    McLaren’s Ron Dennis, Frank Stephenson and Antony Sheriff talk P1: Video

    McLaren’s new P1 was undoubtedly the highlight of last week’s Paris Auto Show, its otherworldly design, scintillating expected performance and teasing nature--this is still only a concept--proving unmatched by anything else on show. This being the successor to the legendary McLaren F1...

  • Ron Dennis with the McLaren MP4-12C
    McLaren F1 Successor Won’t Chase Bugatti Veyron’s Top Speed

    Ron Dennis, the boss of McLaren and a man who once described the Bugatti Veyron as “pig ugly” and a “piece of junk,” has revealed some telling details about his next supercar, the long-awaited successor to the legendary McLaren F1. First and foremost, Dennis has stated that...

  • Ron Dennis with the McLaren MP4-12C
    McLaren Looks Beyond Building Cars

    With the company just having launched its first new road car in more than two decades, as well as ambitiously announcing plans for two more models in the coming years, it’s safe to say McLaren has its hands full at the moment. Nevertheless, McLaren sees even more business opportunities on the...

  • McLaren MP4-12C
    Singapore Billionaire Peter Lim Buys Stake In McLaren

    Singapore billionaire Peter Lim has made a "significant" investment in McLaren Automotive and will join their board of directors effective immediately.

  • Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button at the McLaren dealership in London

    What would have potentially been a very ordinary affair turned out to be quite the opposite, with Formula 1 stars Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button joining McLaren boss Ron Dennis in London last Monday for the launch of the automaker’s new retail network. The two F1 champs took time to pose for photos and show off their trophies, as well as their own race cars, helping to send home the message that being part of the McLaren family is something a little bit special. The location was the first of McLaren’s new showrooms, situated at One Hyde Park in the upmarket area of...

  • Ron Dennis and the McLaren MP4-12C
    McLaren Boss Ron Dennis Gets Six Months Driving Ban

    Ron Dennis is certainly no stranger to driving. The former boss of McLaren’s F1 team and now head of its road-going division is certainly one person you would think would not have to worry about not being able to drive. However, 63-year old Dennis will have to be chauffeured around--or...

  • 2009 mercedes benz mclaren slr 722 s 011
    McLaren F1 Successor Coming In 2012

    When the original McLaren F1 first hit the streets back in the early ‘90s it almost immediately catapulted to the top of the performance car scene, taking home the title of world’s fastest production car in 1998 and holding it right up until 2005. Building a car better than the original...

  • McLaren F1
    McLaren Celebrates 20th Anniversary Of F1 Supercar

    McLaren Automotive, the road car division of the McLaren motorsport group, is on the verge of launching its first all-new model in decades: the MP4-12C. It’s hard to believe that the company’s last model is now more than 20 years old. That’s right, the legendary McLaren F1 supercar has just...

  • McLaren MP4-12C supercar
    McLaren Boss Hints At MP4-12C Race Car For Privateer Teams

    During last week’s launch of McLaren’s new road car division, McLaren Automotive, CEO Ron Dennis revealed plans for several new sports cars but deterred from announcing that any of these would be turned into McLaren-backed race cars nor would they ever be used for a special one-make...

  • McLaren MP4-12C
    McLaren Future Will Only Be Sports Cars

    British motorsports company McLaren yesterday announced the establishment of a brand new sports car company, McLaren Automotive, along with the announcement of its first model, the all-new MP4-12C supercar, which is set to go on sale in the second half of 2011. The MP4-12C will be followed by...

  • Ron Dennis with the McLaren MP4-12C

    The video features McLaren's Chairman explaining what's going on with the company and the new supercar.

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