Touch-sensitive doors, classic supercar styling with a modern flair, scissor-opening doors and an attractive, understated interior: the McLaren MP4-12C is an archetypal supercar, as well as undeniably British.

In this video, McLaren Automotive Chairman, Ron Dennis, gives us the low-down on the role the car is to play for the newly-born McLaren subsidiary, and its role in the grander scheme of automotive evolution and development.

Dennis pays special attention to differentiate the company and the car from the McLaren that built the SLR and the F1. He also points out that the MP4-12C is a fairly green vehicle, thanks to a lower "CO2 per horsepower" figure, which Dennis says is the lowest of any car on the market--though he presumably means of any combustion-engine car on the market, as the Tesla Roadster at the least seems likely to sneak by on that measure.

At any rate, it's an informative view, so take a look below.


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