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  • Qoros Model K-EV concept, 2017 Shanghai auto show

    Chinese automaker Qoros unveiled an electric sport sedan concept on Wednesday at the 2017 Shanghai auto show. The concept is called the Model K-EV and is said to preview a production model coming in 2019. Qoros says it’s already testing prototypes for the production model and will show one of them in November at the 2017 Guangzhou auto show. The Model K-EV is just over 200 inches in length and features a pure electric powertrain utilizing electric motors at each axle. The motors deliver a peak output of 870 horsepower and draw their juice from an 107-kilowatt-hour battery sitting in the...

  • Qoros 3 equipped with pre-production Qamfree camless engine, 2016 Guangzhou auto show
    1.6-liter ‘camless’ engine delivers 230 hp in Qoros 3

    The “camless” engine developed by Koenigsegg sister company FreeValve edged closer to production on Friday with Qoros’ unveiling of a working prototype at the 2016 Guangzhou auto show. The prototype is a followup to the concept Qoros unveiled earlier in the year. Instead of a...

  • Qoros Qamfree concept, 2016 Beijing Auto Show
    FreeValve 'camless' engine shown in Qoros concept at 2016 Beijing auto show

    Engineering outfit FreeValve, a sister company to Swedish supercar marque Koenigsegg, is developing a new type of engine that does away with the camshaft. The so-called “camless” engine relies on pneumatic valve actuators to open valves, which are then closed by air pressure or springs...

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